Five Songs, 7/24/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/24/2021

The Aggrolites, "Reggae Hit L.A."

The Aggrolites, a ska and reggae band from L.A., are somewhat unusual. The got started after the third wave had receeded, and there aren't that bands working in this space that didn't get rolling back then and just keep going. Or, at least, not many that I know about. At any rate, Reggae Hit L.A. is full of energy and sounds good, so I recommend it.

Versis, "Rain On A Sunday"

I mentioned yesterday that there weren't that many underground hip-hop bands that were really experimenting, but that's not really true, certainly not these days. The underground nowadays really is full of a lot of acts that are playing around with the form quite a bit, while still being recognizable. As always, I'm an idiot!

Saun & Starr, "Gonna Make Time"

Yet another excellent soul revival act on Daptone, they're not breaking any new ground, but whatever. Still sounds sweet.

Vaz, "The 2nd"


The Wedding Present, "My Favourite Dress"

The sound of longing and frustration made solid.

Joshua Buergel
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