Five Songs, 7/29/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/29/2021

Propagandhi, "Resisting Tyrannical Government"

Less Talk, More Rock is such a good name for a Propagandhi record. I can only imagine how many knuckleheads brayed at them something along these lines. Anyway, it's a delight.

Flop, "Act 1, Scene 1"

After Flop's one record for Sony was a commercial failure, Flop went back to Frontier Records and banged out a third stone-cold pop classic. It's tighter than the first record, and maybe sliiiiightly less catchy. But it's still a ton of fun, and it's sad that we only got three albums from them.

I should get bonus points for not using the adjective "flop" in that first sentence, by the way.

The Pirates, "Mind Over Matter (I'm Gonna Make You Mine)"

My Comment (Is About The Parenthetical)

Crudbump feat. Roughneck Jihad, "Don't Like to Read"

Kind of a Prince Paul/Edan sort of loop going on here, which I dig. That's right.

My Minds Weapon, "The Killing Horizon"

This album is called The Carrion Sky, and fellas, you either need to dial it back or dial it up. There's a corny uncanny valley for this stuff, and this sits squarely in it. Anyway, this was from a grab bag, and among the many things I've gotten from grab bags over the years, this is indisputably one of them.

Joshua Buergel
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