Five Songs, 8/11/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/11/2023

Pixies, "Dead"

I was going to make a "ooh, another Lost 90's Gem" joke here, as if anybody has ever forgotten the Pixies. And then I remembered, no, this album came out in 1989. Time is an illusion.

Jamire Williams, "Dos Au Soleil"

This is so good. It reminds me of nothing so much as Einstürzende Neubauten, in the way it approaches rhythm and the use of open space in the song. I should really look up more work from Williams.

Beige, "Runkelrübe Blau"

Going experimental here today! Except for, you know, a track from one of the founding documents of the entire 90s rock explosion. Aside from that, very experimental!

PIG, "Blades (KMFDM Remix)"

Raymond Watts (who is PIG) was a member of KMFDM, so that band coming in for a remix is pretty redundant. And, you know, it sounds basically just like you'd expect this to sound, if you're familiar with PIG or KMFDM. This isn't anything like his best work, which is dramatic and unhinged when it is at its best, like a theatre kid given unlimited access to synths.

Young Fresh Fellows, "Sittin' on a Pitchfork"

Electric Bird Digest seems to be the Fellows album that most people are familiar with. Or at least, the people I encounter. And I attribute this entirely to the fact that it's the album that came out immediately after the Fellows were namechecked by They Might Be Giants. And in some ways, it's a bit unfortunate - it's not that it's a bad album, but I actually think most TMBG fans would prefer their earlier, more manic material featuring Chuck Carroll. I know that I generally do.

Joshua Buergel
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