Five Songs, 8/13/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/13/2022

Hüsker Dü, "Divide and Conquer"

A thing that is easy to forget about Hüsker Dü is how ridiculously productive they were in their salad days. Zen Arcade, New Day Rising, and Flip Your Wig all came out within a 14 month period, a rate of output that's even more impressive when you remember that Zen Arcade was a double album. Adding to the awe here is that all three records are bangers, with New Day Rising being my favorite hardcore record (which I've definitely never said about any other album!). Flip Your Wig somehow is the weakest of the three, and it's great! It's a little lighter, a little poppier, but it's still full of energy and is probably a bit easier to get into than the other two.

Snoop Dogg, "10 Lil' Crips"

I never know how to handle someone like Snoop, who is famous enough for everybody to all have formed their opinions. You don't need to be told who he is! So, uh, moving on!

Sicko, "80 Dollars"

For a band that never had much of a national profile or anything, and that didn't last that long, Sicko still managed to warrant two different comps that are both worthwhile. The first of those, A Brief History of Sicko, collects singles and EPs along with a live show, and is an excellent release. One of the finest pop punk bands to do it.

The Pietasters, "Same Old Song"

Yes, a Four Tops cover. Stephen Jackson really nails the vocals on this one, and it's just a delight with those warm horns. It's a shame that they never really replicated this soulfulness on their other albums.

Radiohead, "Burn the Witch"

I think every time a track from A Moon Shaped Pool has showed up here, I've been snotty about it. Probably not a good look. So, I'm going to say something nice about this!

Or at least nothing.

Joshua Buergel
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