Five Songs, 8/22/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/22/2022

Destroyer, "Every Christmas"

This is the earliest Destroyer record that I've heard, I haven't gone any earlier than this one. This album is very much a Destroyer record, full of Dan Bejar's elaborate melodic pop and winding lyrics. I think he'd largely keep getting better, as his style of music pretty much always benefits from additional craft.

Badly Drawn Boy, "This Is That New Song"

Meanwhile, despite mining a similar vein of music, Damon Gough's stuff didn't get better as time went on. So, I suppose it doesn't always work that way, and the lesson as always is I'm an idiot.

Built To Spill, "Carry the Zero"

Frequently called out as the best song on Keep It Like a Secret, the second best Built to Spill record, this song rules. But it's also not the best song on the album, that's "Time Trap". My blog, my rules!

Viktor Vaughn, "Modern Day Mugging"

One of MF DOOM's many aliases, Vaudeville Villain followed up on an album where he went by King Geedorah. But, anyway, it's all DOOM when it comes down to it. He didn't produce the tracks on this record, unlike his earlier stuff, but he was a genius on the mic, so this is of course a delight.

George Harrison, "Stuck Inside a Cloud"

Who the hell is this?

Joshua Buergel
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