Five Songs, 8/24/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/24/2023

Black Taffy, "Corridors"

Do current generations still get excited by the pops and noise of old shitty vinyl? For me, it has an emotional connotation because it evokes the way I played music as a kid. It's a nostalgic sound, and so I have an affection for it as a consequence. I'm not alone there, in my generation. And, of course, it evokes the classic sounds of hip-hop, which is also a tremendously positive association. With the resurgence of vinyl, is it now an attractive sound again? Just to certain folks? Or is it just annoying? I guess I could ask my kids. They'll probably only make fun of me a little and then claim they don't even understand the question.

OvO, "La Morte Muore, Pt. 3"

The band's bio on Bandcamp says they toured with Lightning Bolt and Zu. Good enough for me! Anyway, this is sort of an intersection of black metal, drone, industrial, and noise rock, an experimental mix that I enjoy kind of letting wash over me.

NoFX, "Shitting Bricks"

This is from a comp, Maximum Rocknroll, that gathers a couple early 7"s and some demos, and it's really rough. Not great, skip it. I don't mind stuff that sounds like it was recorded in a gutter, but this is really not worth it.

Pure Disgust, "Normalized Death"

Yeah baby, that's the shit! Hardcore! See, even if something sounds like it was recorded in a basement with standing water, it can still kick ass.

Pardoner, "My Wagon"

I really like Pardoner, they're one of my favorite indie rock bands that I've found in quite a while. Yeah, I know that this is just triggered the Pavement cortex in my brain, but dammit, that's the only part of my brain that generates pleasure. Let me have this one!

Joshua Buergel
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