Five Songs, 8/4/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/4/2017

Reminder! Go to Bandcamp today and buy some tunes to support artists and transgender rights! You can listen to these while you do it!

Shellac, "Steady As She Goes"

Let's do a quick ranking of Shellac's albums:

  • At Action Park
  • Excellent Italian Greyhound
  • 1000 Hurts
  • Dude Incredible
  • Terraform

But really, they're all good albums. I look forward to another Shellac album in another three years or so.

Duke Ellington, "The Tattooed Bride [Album Version]"

Wow, my rip of this song is hopelessly goofed up. Ugh. I should really re-rip it, but that would require digging it out of the boxes, and ugh, I'm not going to do that either. This is from the collection The Duke: The Columbia Years (1927-1962). Also, as always, I'm not qualified to write about jazz.

(NB: this probably isn't the same version I have, but I can't tell, because my rip is so messed up.)

Dam-Funk, "O.B.E."

Yeah, got those electro-funk keyboards going! I'm particularly susceptible to them, having grown up on Prince. I really don't know much about Dam-Funk, though. I did just learn of a collaboration with Snoop Dogg, though! And it's on Bandcamp, so that's an easy purchase today!

Trenchmouth, "Doing the Flammability"

Art-rockers out of Chicago, Trenchmouth never met a genre that they couldn't steal bits and pieces of to incorporate into their sound. Probably closest to the Talking Heads and Gang of Four, they were always interesting to listen to, with Vs. The Light of the Sun being my album pick.

The New Year, "Half a Day"

The New Year followed Bedhead, continuing the sleepy, melancholic sound of the previous band. Both bands are bands I need to be in the right mood to listen to, so I don't haul them out that often. But they're excellent at what they do.

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