Five Songs, 8/7/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/7/2017

I wonder at what point I start hitting diminishing returns on this thing. 200 articles? 300? 500? I suppose I'll find out. Let's fire up the music!

Yo La Tengo, "The Summer"

Well, personally, I remain resolutely un-fired up. This is from Fakebook, a quiet covers album that is the least noisy thing they ever made by a long ways. Yo La Tengo have always had two sides, and this album really only emphasizes the folk-ish side of the band.

Baroness, "Take My Bones Away"

Often grouped with Mastodon or other stoner metal bands, Baroness have always to my ear sounded more tuneful than most of the other bands lumped into that bucket. A decade earlier, and everybody would have called them grunge.

Uncle Tupelo, "Wipe the Clock"

The first band I ever heard anybody use the "alt-country" tag on, Uncle Tupelo heavily leaned on folk and blues, infusing them with the occasional burst of punk. They made four fantastic albums before breaking up, leading to the formation of Wilco and Son Volt. A truly outstanding band.

Tribulation, "Själaflykt"

Another "I don't remember this" special, clearly this was during a periodic troll through Metal Blog Land (Mëtälblögländ?). Let's listen!

(six minutes later)

Well, that was actually kind of classic rock-ish. I think I'll listen to the whole album later!

Paul Peterson, "Chained (Alternate mix)"

Our continuing, very sporadic Motown series takes us to 1967 today, with a very horn driven tune.

Joshua Buergel
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