Five Songs, 9/1/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/1/2022

Vulfpeck, "LAX"

Vulfpeck, the funk band that met in Michigan and is now in LA, have just been moving their own way through the music industry from the beginning. They've self-released their stuff, they've produced a ton of releases not always neatly organized in albums, there are a bunch of related acts that they release music from, and it's all frankly kind of inspiring that they've had success kind of creating their own cottage industry.

The Ergs, "Vampire Party"

At any given time, I think there are pretty much a constant number of bands that sound more or less just like this. Your affection for any particular band is likely going to be driven simply by which ones you encounter when you're a teenager. Other stuff from other times might sound good, but you probably won't truly love it.

ION, "I, II, VI"

Ye gods, thirty minutes. For the record, yes, I listen to every song posted here all the way through, even if maybe I'm not feeling it.

Stevie Wonder, "Girl Blue"

I'm cooked! I guess Stevie Wonder is probably a good antidote, though.

This is from Music Of My Mind, the record where Stevie Wonder really entered his peak. While his previous record had its moments, this is the one where he stepped up into the stratosphere and tore off a series of five records that might be the best five album stretch of any popular artist ever.

NoMeansNo, "Kill Everyone Now"

Every now and again NoMeansNo would produce a long song to let their epic tendencies kind of flood out. Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy? is probably the peak of that pattern, featuring four different songs longer than seven minutes. I sort of prefer it when they mix things up, with some shorter burners mixed in with the longer pieces, so this isn't my favorite record from them. But it's still a very good album.

Joshua Buergel
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