Five Songs, 9/15/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/15/2020

The Queers, "From Your Boy"

We've been over this, but it's been a while: yes, this is shameless Ramones worship. Yes, it's incredibly sophomoric. Yes, you can do much better.

The Decemberists, "Rox in the Box"

After The Hazards of Love, the Decemberists stepped back from the increasingly elaborate prog-folk thing they had going on and made a much more straightforward folk-rock album with The King is Dead. As a fan over that super ornamented stuff, I found the record a bit of a disappointment. It's pleasant enough, and I'm not sorry to listen to it, but it's not one I seek out often.

Botanist, "To Amass An Army (Mandragora III)"

They've come up before, but Botanist is a black metal act that uses exclusively hammered dulcimer rather than guitar. It lends a pretty different feel to the proceedings, which is a nice change of pace. The Botanist is also obsessed with the natural world instead of the icy tundra or fires of hell, which is also a nice change of pace.

Descendents, "Coffee Mug"

It's still an incredible wonder that the Descendents came back in 1996 after a nine year break and dropped a record that would have fit right in with their first run. I suppose it comes down to the fact that most of the band had never stopped making albums as All, but Milo was also able to jump back in also. A 34 second song called "Coffee Mug" is basically straight out of 1982.

milo, "magician (suture)"

No, different milo! This one is an art rapper from Minneapolis, not an ancient pop-punk guy. As, uh, you've probably figured out. Anyway, this album is lots of fun, I recommend it. And the last one! I'm unaware of any Milos associated with the Botanist, but I'll be the Decemberists have at least one roadie named Milo.

Joshua Buergel
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