Five Songs, 9/20/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/20/2021

Frank Black and the Catholics, "Bullet"

Frank Black went through a couple phases between v1 of the Pixies and v2 of the Pixies. After recording under just his own name, he apparently decided that his band rated a mention, and began recording as Frank Black and the Catholics. To my ears, this was the best phase of his post-Pixies career, and this record might be my favorite of the lot. There's definitely plenty of the Frank Black madness here.

Pig, "¡Toxico!"

No, that's not a Foetus song. Pig (née Raymond Watts) is probably the most successful of the various Foetus disciples, and this record (Praise the Lard) is his best one. This very much plays out like a classic mid-80s Foetus record, with the stabs of orchestration, the theatric and demented vocal delivery, and the overall cabaret-gone-wrong feel. It's a very fun record.

Evita, "Minutes and Miles"

This is a label grab-bag record, and it's another miss. I think I've gotten three grab bags at various times, and really haven't discovered anything I love from them. I did manage to learn and have stopped getting them, which is an upset.

The Shins, "Pressed In a Book"

If you slipped this song onto a later New Pornographers album, I wonder how long it would take me to notice?

Dance Hall Crashers, "Lost Again"

You know, the Dance Hall Crashers really only wrote one song. It's a pretty good song! And while there are different lyrics for the various times they recorded it, it's still basically just one song.

Joshua Buergel
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