Five Songs, 9/24/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/24/2021

Floor, "Trick Scene"

Floor is one of the two bands that Steve Brooks leads. Initially, Floor broke up and Brooks formed Torche, but then he brought back Floor and a couple of Floor albums have been released while Torche has still been active. Because it's the same guy singing and writing the songs, there's not a ton to separate the bands. I suppose that Torche might be a little poppier? Anyway, both bands rule, and this Floor album (Oblation) in particular is outstanding.

METZ, "Dry Up"

Goddamn, bringing the jams today! Automat is a collection of singles and miscellaneous tracks, mostly from early in their career, and it kicks ass. METZ kicks ass! I want to throw a chair through a window, but I don't have any chairs right now!!!

J. Robbins, "Dear Leader"

We had an older J. Robbins tune yesterday, but here's a recent, kinda throwaway from him. Turns out, he shares a birthday with Donald Trump, and as a bit of catharsis one year he released this little tune.

Discordance Axis, "Castration Rite"


The Rudiments, "No Fütüre"

Heh, love the rock dots.

The Rudiments came out of the same San Francisco scene that spawned Skankin' Pickle, sort of the second generation after Operation Ivy. They never really made a lot of impact on things, but this record is a pretty good ska-punk album.

Joshua Buergel
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