Five Songs, 9/24/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/24/2023

The Flaming Lips, "The Sparrow"

King's Mouth: Music and Songs is a bit of a return to a previous style for the Lips, sonically sounding a lot more like The Soft Bulletin than The Terror. But it's also a big concept album, and I think that gets in the way of the songs, and not only that, the songs themselves feel just a bit forced to me. It just all kind of seems like a bit of a blurry copy of their mid-career stuff.

Talking Heads, "The Great Curve"

Remain In Light really embraced the use of African rhythms, something that they'd experimented with on Fear of Music. It makes for a very meditative record, especially with "Crosseyed and Painless" followed by this track. You can really settle into it.

Melvins, "Caddy Daddy"

Working With God was recorded with the "Melvins 1983" lineup, bringing Mike Dillard back into the fold to re-create the original lineup with King Buzzo and Dale Crover. As a result of the lineup, it's also a throwback in terms of sound, with the pounding sludgy rock from their early records dominating things. It's a solid record, an excellent time.

DZ Deathrays, "Less Out Of Sync"

Fuck yeah!

Floor, "Scimitar"

I try and limit myself to one "fuck yeah" per article. So, uh...

Joshua Buergel
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