Five Songs, 9/25/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/25/2018

WOAH. Kinda blacked out there for a little bit. But we're back! We're using a new service! This time it's all running on all our own shit so it should be solid! I'm only at the mercy of the software! And the device it's running on! And my home network! And...hang on, I'll come in again.

Aw, who cares? The rock stopped, and now it's going again. I think I even have most of my own music back. Let's do this! HIT IT, PLEXASAURUS REX!

Wilco, "Wilco (The Song)"

I'LL TAKE IT. I sort of mentally divide Wilco's career into thirds. The first section (up through Summerteeth) is really the part where they were extending and building on what Uncle Tupelo was up to. Sure, there was a move towards pop during that period, but it feels pretty natural as an extension. Then, there is the more experimental, almost prog-y phase, from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot through Sky Blue Sky. Then, there's the last third of their career, which isn't really unified in my head, but us humans sure do like things in threes. Anyway, Wilco (The Album) is far and away my favorite from this last portion of their career, so I'm happy to hear it here, in the form of the opening track.

Mogwai, "Remurdered"

One of the problems with going on "hiatus" (aka technology goofing up my shit) is that I've largely forgotten what stuff had appeared here before. So, I hope you're all looking forward to re-reading the same tepid takes, bad opinions, and limp jokes. Awww yeah. Anyway, this comes from the 2014 album Rave Tapes, which finds the band in a bit of a quieter and less bombastic mood than some of their albums, but it's as always good stuff.

The Germs, "Now I Hear The Laughter"

The Germs were an early part of a Los Angeles punk scene that would shortly prove to be the incubator for hardcore on the west coast. But before that all happened, there were the Germs, kicking out grimy punk in the vein of the UK original acts before Darby Crash overdosed on heroin after they produced just one album. But having helped kickstart the scene, the Germs remain remembered today.

Squirrel Bait, "Tape From California"

I'm not so decrepit that I've forgotten that I discussed the Squirrel Bait family tree last time, so instead I'll just shut up and let you enjoy this delicious slice of post-hardcore.

Naked City, "Blood Is Thin"

This is what passes for an epic song from Naked City, inasmuch as this manages to clear the one minute. I've always enjoyed the "flipping around the radio" vibe on this one.

Joshua Buergel
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