Five Songs, 9/26/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/26/2022

Mogwai, "Friend of the Night"

The other day, I mentioned that Rave Tapes wasn't my favorite iteration of Mogwai. Mr. Beast is more my speed - it's more conventional in a lot of ways, but it's more lyrical. You know, in an instrumental kinda way.

The Fall, "Clear Off!"

Folks, this is the accessible version of The Fall.

Lustmord, "Dark Awakening"

There are two Lustmords on Metallum, neither of which appear to be this band. Looking closer, this is on Hydra Head Records, and so this must have been from the big grab bag that I bought from them. There was a lot of stuff in there, which I faithfully ripped, but there was so much of it all at once that I know I didn't pay attention to all of it. So, no, I'm not certain I've listened to this before.

Looking at a bio, this is from a guy named Brian Williams, who was in industrial band SPK. Them I know! This makes more sense now! A surprising number of these industrial folks ended up working on soundtracks, and he's no different, which again makes sense. I suppose we'll go more into SPK if/when they finally show up here.

The Du-Rites, "Hustle"

Among the many reasons to like the Du-Rites is that they release a good supply of singles which are always fun. Singles are nice! Little surprise bite-sized releases hitting your ears on a regular basis! That's solid.

The Both, "The Inevitable Shove"

The Both is Aimee Mann and Ted Leo, and it sounds great. It's very pleasant to listen to two people who really know what they're doing and work really well together. It's nice. Today is nice! Even the record by the old industrial guy!

Joshua Buergel
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