Five Songs, 9/27/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/27/2021

Beastie Boys, "The Sounds of Science"

My freshman year roommate couldn't stand this track, and would insist on skipping it when we listened to this record. Which was often, it was an album we could agree on. I thought I lost that copy of Paul's Boutique when it was in his car when the car got stolen. But! They found it, and he got the car back! The song that came on when he started it up? "Car Thief".

Amogh Symphony, "Osir"

Amogh Symphony are an experimental group playing genre-pushing progressive metal that often doesn't really present as metal. I mean, this is just a creepy little instrumental here. It's pretty avant-garde, and sometimes a bit much.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "Bacon"

This is a track from Ura / Extra Acme +, the companion album to Acme. But, true to form, they didn't just release a companion album to Acme. There are at least four different versions of the album that I found poking around on Discogs with different track listings...none of which appear to be the version that I have. Anyway, there's good stuff on here. At least the one I have!

NoMeansNo, "Faith"

From the last NoMeansNo album, All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt, which is typically excellent, but is notably mostly in that this is the only NoMeansNo album you can find on Spotify right now. In fact, NoMeansNo remains my favorite band that I point to for why it's so important for me to keep my personal library around.

American Music Club, "Big Night"

Hmmm, American Music Club! Maybe they disintegrated! (They did not.)

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