Five Songs, 9/27/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/27/2023

Pigs, "Wrap It Up"

Just bottle that opening guitar sound and sell it by the case, I'll buy it and pour it directly into my nostrils.

Dodecahedron, "Finale"

Ooh, backwards vocals. So evil! I'm cowering!

Boris, "Riot Sugar"

I'll never get tired of mentioning this when it comes up: this is from Heavy Rocks. No, not the one from 2002. No, not the one from 2022. The one from 2011, the same year they released three other albums. Nobody has had the career that Boris has had, and very few bands have been harder to keep up with. At any rate, this Heavy Rocks is excellent mid-career Boris, crunchy and pretty diverse, a relatively accessible record but undeniably heavy. And yes, it rocks.

Sleepyhead, "Fairyboat"

The first Sleepyhead record was a nice little thing of noise pop, even though I don't think anybody ever used the term back then. It turns out they actually went on to have a pretty lengthy career, but I got off the bus with this record. I should maybe check in with some later records.

BT, "Never Gonna Come Back Down"

BT, you're also saying this to the people reading this blog. Both of them (on a good day).

Joshua Buergel
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