Five Songs, 9/28/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/28/2020

Stereolab, "Changer"

Switched On collected a bunch of early Stereolab singles, before they had really developed their sound fully. It's more guitar-forward and less drone-heavy than their later music would be. I think it's not as essential as their later records, but it's an interesting comp, and worth going back if you're already a Stereolab fan. We'll discuss thme more when they come up again.

Mr. T Experience, "Tapin' Up My Heart"

In Dan Ozzi's excellent Reply All newsletter, Dr. Frank of the Mr. T Experience ranks his own records, and places this album at the top of the list. I actually usually think the previous record (and #2 on the list) Love is Dead is their best work, but hey, who am I to argue?

Inquisition, "Spirital Plasma Evocation"

Gotta love it when metal bands just jam a few words together and call it a day on song titles. Usually it's gore-related stuff, but this is a quality piece of gibberish that could easily appear in a low-rent fantasy pulp novel. As for the album itself, I think this wandered into the collection by accident from somewhere.

Eight Bells, "Landless"

Now, Eight Bells, that's no accident! A metal trio out of Portland, they blend some post-rock and prog into their metal, to fine results. I think their first record, The Captain's Daughter, is a little stronger than this one, but both are excellent. This song, all twelve minutes of it, is a good example of what you'd be getting with both albums.

The Meters, "Just Kissed My Baby"

Last year, the Meters were my most played band on Spotify, a result that comes from listening to them a ton while cooking. No regrets! Anyway, this shit is fantastic, and everybody should listen to the Meters more. Even me, and I listen to them a lot! The first six albums all rule. I guess I place this album third in that list?

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