Five Songs, 9/28/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/28/2022

Murs, "Intro"

As usual, I don't have a lot to say about intro tracks. This is just setting up the framing device for the album. I will say that if it's going to come up, it's fun as the first song in our playlist today.

The Sorcerers, "Cave of Brahma"

Hell yeah, Afro-beat. Nice choice to follow-up! This has a lovely kind of cinematic approach here that sounds sort of like it's a soundtrack to something, which is a neat trick to pull off. Both Sorcerers records are a good time, I recommend them.

Easy Big Fella, "Seven"

Seattle band Easy Big Fella is one of my favorites of the third wave, because they managed the trick of being lighthearted and charming without any of the kind of smug hints that could cling to some of this stuff. It's just breezy horns and catchy tunes everywhere you look. The last two records, both on Moon Records, are the best of the bunch as the production is good, letting the songs take center stage.

The Housemartins, "Caravan of Love"

This is a cover of a Isley, Jasper, Isley song, with those guys being one-half of the Isley Brothers 3+3 lineup. This was actually the biggest single for the band, which I find surprising and kind of amusing. At any rate, as always, all of the Housemartins' a capella songs are a delight, and I cannot get enough of this.

Queen, "Calling All Girls (Live)"

Yes, my copy of Hot Space has bonus tracks. Yes, they are searingly unnecessary.

Joshua Buergel
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