Five Songs, 9/29/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/29/2023

Chokebore, "Coat"

Chokebore was one of the later Amphetamine Reptile bands, putting out three records before that label kind of stopped putting out much stuff. Turns out they actually put out three records after leaving AmRep. I had no idea - I didn't pursue them beyond the label loyalty, I wonder if they're good.

Wormrot, "The Darkest Burden"

The unrelenting aggression of grindcore is bracing, a shot of adrenaline that isn't always what I'm looking for, but when I want it, there's no substitute. Wormrot's 2022 record, Hiss, is a great example of it and is in fact one of the records I reach for when I want to scour my brain real good-like.

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, "Les Fleurs"

Ahh, that's that Five Songs magic you can only recreate trivially yourself by throwing a bunch of disparate junk into a Spotify playlist and hitting random. NO STUPID-ASS AI COULD TAKE THIS JOB! Which isn't a job, there's nobody who would pay for this.

Anyhoo, this is a cover of the Minnie Riperton tune.

Neil Young, "Harvest"

Yup, that's Neil Young. Did you know he was roommates and was in a band with Rick James once? He sure was!

Fred Morrison, "2/4 Marches"

Yeah, sure, why not.

Joshua Buergel
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