Five Songs, 9/3/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/3/2023

Rocket From The Crypt, "My Arrow's Aim"

There's a non-trivial amount quality in rock that is just purely in how things sound. The tone of the instruments, the production, the arrangements - there's an alchemy there that works extremely well, and nailing the formula of the sound can propel a band a long way just on its own. And RFTC always sounded great, one of the reasons they were always a ton of fun.

Andrew W.K., "Ready to Die"

Andrew W.K.'s first album, of amped-up power pop party music with a lyrical focus on partying during parties was a good bit. And he seems like a good dude. But this album sure wore out fast for me. I suppose I'm probably due for a listen at this point?

The Bruce Lee Band, "Mr. Hanelei"

The Bruce Lee Band is Mike Park's (Skankin' Pickle) band which is him and various people who would drift in and out of his backing band. Park is maybe the most important figure in the third wave of ska on the west coast, thanks to Skankin' Pickle, his label Dill Records, and his successor label Asian Man Records. Beyond releasing many of the important records from the scene, Park was indefatigable in building out support for bands, helping people succeed with tours and the like. This song, though, is a bit of a throwaway. Alas, Park's musical output was a bit uneven at times.

Son Volt, "Atmosphere"

Didn't we just have Son Volt the other day? I think I praised Okemah and the Melody of Riot there. [checks] I did! Well, here you go. Good album!

Beyond Mortal Dreams, "Abomination of the Flames"

Sometimes, you just need some subterranean death metal. Murky, churning, guttural, unpleasant. Nice. Fun solo here, too.

Joshua Buergel
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