Five Songs, 9/30/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/30/2021

The Toasters, "New York Fever"

I'd have to go back and listen to a bunch of early Toasters records to confirm this, but in my memory, New York Fever is the record where the Toasters' sound kind of accelerated. There's a more frantic pace to their work from here going forward, which kind of presages the ska-punk to come along in a few years.

UFO Or Die, "Old Cold Meat"

UFO or Die is a side project of Boredoms leader/genius/lunatic Yamatsuka Eye. It's just pure experimentation, all sound collages, weird squawky noises, random hiss, and just general messiness. Is it good? I don't think that's really a sensible question to ask of something like this. Is it fun to listen to? Every now and again, sure.

Peaer, "Don't"

This is real throwback stuff, something that could easily have come out in the mid-90s, to be placed on college radio playlists alongside the latest Silkworm or Treepeople album. As I am a shameless fan of that style of music, this is great! Silkworm isn't making records any more, but Peaer is!

Nitzer Ebb, "Captivate"

An argument that would happen a lot around fans of industrial dance was people asking what distinguished someone like Nitzer Ebb from, say, Depeche Mode. And mostly, the answer was "fuck you!" But seriously, the true answer is "not a whole lot, really".

Vulfpeck, "Bach Vision Test"

I hate getting this and not getting "3 on E" right afterwards. Painful!

Joshua Buergel
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