Five Songs, 9/4/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/4/2021

Hot Snakes, "Braintrust"

The third Hot Snakes album certainly announces itself with authority. "Braintrust" opens up my favorite record from them, with a song that would absolutely sit right at home on one of the legendary Drive Like Jehu records. Which is a high complement!

Nine Inch Nails, "Get Down Make Love"

As with most industrial dance acts, there were a bunch of singles released with Nine Inch Nails' early work, usually featuring a bunch of remixes and the occasional half-assed b-side. This is one of those half-assed b-sides, in this case from the "Sin" single (which included three pointless remixes of that tune). But, you know, high school Josh was nonetheless kinda intrigued by it.

Parliament, "Type Two"

Parliament went 23 years between records, and really 38 years since their heyday closed with the start of the 80s. Medicaid Fraud Dogg was a surprise release in 2018, and while it's certainly a long way from when Parliament was a vital force, they can still lay down some funk.

Let's Go Bowling, "Spy Market"

This is an extremely Toasters song, gotta say. Let's Go Bowling were a mainstay of the third-wave, playing a cheerful variant of two-tone style ska, and clearly just there to have a good time. They put on a good show, and while these records aren't exactly groundbreaking, they accomplish exactly what they set out to do.

The Beach Boys, "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times"

Pet Sounds is another of those records that has far, far too much written about it, mostly by people who know better what they're doing. So, this is all you get from me!

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