Five Songs, 9/6/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/6/2021

200 johns, "the sun is a h0t m4ss"

Did you know that you needed hyperpop covers of They Might Be Giants songs? I didn't, until I heard this this EP. And I realized, yes, I very much needed hyperpop covers of TMBG songs.

Nitzer Ebb, "Godhead (remix)"

I was just saying Nitzer Ebb hadn't aged particularly well to a buddy yesterday! And, you know, it hasn't particularly. But again, this is part of the whole thing where industrial dance also was just endlessly remixed and re-released, which didn't help anything. Although there is one remix of "Lightning Man" (on ONE of the multiple singles for that song) that I remember as absolutely ripping. However, I lost that EP, and I haven't listened to it in ages and had kind of forgotten it until now. I could still pull up the riff from it in my head though.

I went poking around on Discogs, found the name of the remix, and bam! Hell yeah, man! Sometimes the internet doesn't suck!

Aceyalone, "Disconnected"

I'm sorry, I'm still pumped from reconnecting with a track that I probably last listened to 28 years ago. You'll have to listen to this song without me.

Bomb The Music Industry!, "Depression Is No Fun"

One of my favorite tracks on my favorite BTMI! album, this is musically just pure bounce. Bomb the Music Industry! is Jeff Rosenstock's band before he started releasing music primarily under his own name, and their mix of blazing punk and occasional ska always sounded completely fresh throughout their run. It's hard to not be totally charmed by a song like this, and it's a great example of Jeff Rosenstock's brilliance.

Forest Swords, "War It"

Atmospheric and thoughtful, Forest Swords has done a bunch of composing for films and games, and his original work definitely still carries a lot of that feel. It's nice stuff to kind of put on in the background.

Joshua Buergel
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