Five Songs, 9/7/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/7/2020

Hepcat, "Marcus Garvey"

Y'all, it's ska weather right now in Seattle. It's still sunny, but not oppressive, and some breezy tunes to go with it is just perfect. I've had Hepcat on while making dinner a few times recently, and it's going down niiiice. Right On Time is my favorite record from them, but Scientific (which provides this song) is excellent as well.

Mudhoney, "Twenty Four"

Mudhoney's singles were pretty great, kind of across the board. They'd pretty consistently turn in either bruising performances, excellent covers, or fun larks. As a result, March to Fuzz, a collection of those singles, is a very good time. The guitar tone is just all-time on this song.

Blondie, "Rip Her To Shreds"

From Blondie's debut album, this was probably about as close to punk as the record got. But Blondie was always at their best when kind of straddling several genres, blending together pop, new wave, disco, or whatever. So adding a little bit of punk swagger worked alongside everything else.

Modest Mouse, "March Into The Sea"

I was really excited to hear what would happen with Modest Mouse with Johnny Marr (of all people!) joining in, but We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank was a disappointment to me when it was released. Probably a victim of my expectations more than anything. I should really give it another chance now that I'm older and broken-down - I have lower expectations for everything! Let's grade this thing on a curve!

Radiohead, "Fake Plastic Trees"

I pretty much ignored Radiohead's first album, figuring that they were just another also-ran band in Nirvana's wake. I was thus somewhat surprised that their follow-up record, The Bends, was getting as much positive attention as it was. "Aren't those the 'Creep' guys?" I thought to myself. I was not alone in this reaction. "Fake Plastic Trees" was the biggest hit off the record, and it's miles away from "Creep". Now, I didn't hear it before I bought the record, because I'm a hermit and a goblin, but I bought the record anyway and it was a good call. It's a shame that Radiohead disappeared after a record of such promise.

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