Five Songs, 9/8/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/8/2023

Leprous, "Nighttime Disguise"

Ah Leprous, the perfect band for when you think "dang, I really want to hear a lot of time signatures."

Cthulhu Rise, "Opus 23"

Cthulhu Rise are an instrumental prog metal/jazz fusion thing. I mean, I suppose you can hear that, huh? This whole album is like this - always moving around, always experimenting, always trying to surprise you, but you know, it also all starts to blend together a fair bit. Not bad as something to pop up randomly like this, though. A track at a time? Sure, that's fun.

Blood Orange, "Take Your Time"

My brain locked up - I have no idea what to say about this song. Sometimes I listen to albums and just don't know what to write about them. Not that they're bad or anything, but we all only get so many thoughts in our life, and I just don't have one for this song today. Moving on!

Nirvana, "Negative Creep"

See, yesterday I said that there were stretches were I said Bleach is the best Nirvana record. And I'm gonna be honest: mostly, I think that right after I listen to this song. It just wants me to break stuff, in the best way.

Calexico, "Gypsy's Curse"

The Black Light is the album where Calexico really became Calexico, where every song sounds like it's from a soundtrack. They've certainly made better records than this, but the sound of the album is irresistable.

Joshua Buergel
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