Five Songs, 9/9/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/9/2020

Bergraven, "Ekot av bikt"

Black metal band out of Sweden that I otherwise know nothing about. I ended up with this from a blind sampler from Hydra Head Records. It's got more melody than a lot of black metal going on here. I dunno, this is the first I've listened to this since I first got it, I think! Write your own review!

Bim Skala Bim, "Popcorn"

Bim Skala Bim checks in here with a little bit of an oddity from their final album, Krinkle. This is a cover, a version of synth pioneer Gershon Kingsley's song. Bim Skala Bim didn't often go for these sorts of covers, and didn't record too many purely instrumental songs, so this is kind of a treat.

Machines of Loving Grace, "Burnt Offering"

I think I've mentioned before that of all the genres I've been big into at one time or another, the only one that really sounds kind of hopeless to me now is industrial dance. The problem is that this stuff doesn't sound at all edgy any more (if it ever did), and when you strip away that edginess, there's aren't really any good tunes left. This just isn't good!

New Order, "Ceremony"

Actually one of the last Joy Division songs, written before Ian Curtis's passing, this was the debut single for New Order. It didn't make it on the first album, Movement, meaning I only encountered it on their compilation album, Substance. But it's one of the highlights of that record, and one of my favorite songs from New Order overall. Which makes sense, what with being a Joy Division song.

Drive Like Jehu, "Step On Chameleon"

Drive Like Jehu only put out two albums, but my god, what albums. This song stands out on the debut album, not just because John "Speedo" Reis is on lead vocals. No, what also stands out for me is the jittery main riff, the wind-up that finishes the song, the surprisingly sweet chorus that could have crept over from a Jawbreaker song, and of course, Rick Froberg enthusiastically chanting "blood! blood! blood!" underneath the main vocal line.

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