Five Songs, 6/11/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/11/2017

Fun set of songs today, with some obscure but worthy music popping up. Listen in, won't you?

Gob, "Censorshit"

More pop-punk out of Vancouver from the 90s! Yes, this is basically the same stuff you've heard before, even several times during this column. I don't care, I like it! As with most punk bands that are trading mostly on energy, the first Gob record is the best (Too Late, No Friends in this case).

Night Soil Man, "When I Taste My Blood"

Drive Like Jehu, legendary post-hardcore band from San Diego, put out two of the greatest records of the entire rock underground in the 90s. Night Soil Man is one of the predecessors of that band, with Mike Kennedy (bass) and Mark Trombino (drums) both coming from it. I don't think many people are even aware of Night Soil Man, their records didn't really get a lot of attention, but I think they're actually pretty good, and you can really see how those two guys brought some of that sound forward to Drive Like Jehu.

Julieta Venegas, "Enero y Abril"

Another record that I picked up more or less blind off a "best of" year-end roundup, without really knowing anything about the album or artist. Turns out it's an excellent pop record! I should buy more of her work. This is from Bueninvento.

Colin Meloy, "Charlie"

Colin Meloy is the frontman of The Decemberists, which is immediately apparent to anybody listening to this who has heard The Decemberists. This is a live record, although it's hard to tell at times, and the focus is simpler arrangements. All that said, these songs would fit alongside a typical Decemberists song without too much trouble.

Mary Wells, "I'll Be Available"

A charming Motown track from the 1964 singles collection, this is really from the period when the label's music was beginning to be instantly recognizable.

Joshua Buergel
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