Five Songs Intro
Five Songs

Five Songs Intro

Since nobody is reading this blog, I don't think anybody is going to care if I branch out beyond just the game design things I've been posting (which nobody reads). So, today, I'm going to start a daily-ish series that will, if nothing else, provide more things for nobody to read. I'm pumped!

ConsimWorld is a gaming community that I've been part of for a really long time, long enough to meet several good friends. One of those good friends has a folder where we just discuss things. A frequent topic is music, and a frequent game is to list the last five songs that shuffling your music collection produces. I usually participate in that, and usually try and provide links to the songs as well as some commentary on them. I think the commentary is often mundane, is probably of interest only to me, and likely isn't well-written. So, what am I going to do? I'm going to hoist it into visibility, where more people can be exposed to it. In the theoretical case where people actually read this, of course.

So that's the idea: each day, except for days that I don't get to it, I'm going to fire up my music collection (at 43,006 songs as of this writing), listen to the first five songs it spits out, and try and write something about each of them. The only rule is that I'm not going to skip anything or ignore anything that comes up. I'm not worried about anything embarrassing coming up, because I refuse to be embarrassed by matters of taste. If this goes well, folks reading this will find new music, or be reminded of old favorites. If it goes poorly, I will waste my time typing, but I'll be reminding myself of my own music, so it'll still be a win.

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