Five Songs, 1/10/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/10/2021

The High Back Chairs, "Miles To Inches"

Jeff Nelson is one of the co-founders of Discord Records, as well as the drummer for the legendary Minor Threat, a legacy that would be the envy of so many people. I was just listening to Minor Threat the other day, and it still holds up incredibly well.

He also drummed in the High Back Chairs.

Anagnorisis, "This Cursed Blood"

While listening to metal might not be good for much in terms of self-enrichment, if you look up band and song names, it'll at least increase your vocabulary.

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges, "Midnight"

The EP that Khruangbin and Leon Bridges put out this year was one of the highlights of the year, with the marriage being a really lovely one. If you haven't checked it out, you really should, all four songs are excellent.

Green Day, "Basket Case"

I took a whack at ranking some Green Day singles the other day, if you care about it.

Pavement, "Camera"

At this point, pretty much every noise that Pavement committed to tape has been released, and a lot of that stuff was only so-so. This comes to us as a b-side on the "Cut Your Hair" single, and it's not a bad tune, but there's a reason it was left off of Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain.

Joshua Buergel
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