Five Songs, 1/11/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/11/2020

Logh, "The Smoke Will Lead You Home"

Absolutely no recollection of buying this record! Let's listen together!

...This sounds like something I would have been really into circa 1994.

Cobalt, "Pregnant Insect"

OK, you ready for some shit? Cobalt is a duo! Listen to this! Goddamn!

Sleep, "Nain's Baptism"

Hell yeah, metal today! Sleep's Holy Mountain is one of the absolute untouchable classics of doom/stoner metal, a record that inspired countless imitators, proving that there was still plenty of creativity in the old Black Sabbath formula. It still sounds great today in the same way that peak Sabbath records sound great, because it's just so elemental.

Foetus, "Today I Started Slogging Again"

This comes from the very first Foetus album, Deaf (released by "You've Got Foetus On Your Breath"), in 1981. From the very beginning, Foetus was unhinged, combining bizarre lyrical themes, strange vocal delivery, and an eclectic palette of noises to accompany things. While there's a certain New Wave quality to this, it's so fundamentally cracked that it kind of stands alone. J.G. Thirlwell would stay weird for decades.

J-Zone, "Player Potion"

Towards the end of the first act of his career, the rap portion, J-Zone made a record that was entirely fake rap jingles for various malt liquors, featuring a helium-voiced alter ego named "Chief Chinchilla". On his comeback rap album, the great Peter Pan Principle, he included one of these fake jingles, which gives you a sample of what that other album is like.

Joshua Buergel
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