Five Songs, 1/12/202
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/12/202

Lucious Jackson, "Strongman"

When the Beastie Boys took the leap to playing their own instruments with Check Your Head, they also started expanding the reach of their label, Grand Royal. Lucious Jackson was one of the artists that they signed, putting out their first record, Natural Ingredients. It made a fair bit of sense, as the sensibilities of Lucious Jackson fit in well with the more funk/soul elements of the reinvented Beasties sound. Despite critical acclaim, the record never really seemed to catch on, but it still sounds pretty good.

Jack Haney & Nikiter Armstrong, "Peaceful"

A bit of an unusual track for early Motown, this is a jazzy, instrumental vamp, not the typical Motown thing. But I like it!

Boris, "Aileron"

Boris has never been afraid of doing everything their own way. For a band that started out as pure Melvins worship, they've evolved into one of the most interesting acts in metal. This comes from Heavy Rocks, an album that was released simultaneously with another album, Attention Please, and there aren't many bands that will just burn off two entire albums at once like that. Here, you can hear their willingness to just stretch everything out, which I suppose is pretty Melvins-y, but they do it very well.

NoMeansNo, "My Politics"

The capper to an amazing four album run of studio records was The Worldhood Of The World (As Such). They still had plenty of their hardcore instincts intact, as you can hear in passages of this song. And, of course, they were willing to mix it up, which is always one of the things that set them above other hardcore bands. It's a heady concoction, and never gets old.

RJD2, "Ghostwriter Remix"

Can I get a hell yeah?

Joshua Buergel
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