Five Songs, 1/14/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/14/2020

Sharon Jones, "Make It Good To Me"

Fuck me, listen to that organ. I try and play a decent amount of soul around the kids, because it's just such amazing music, and with luck, they'll get the same appreciation of it. I try not to make a big deal about it, but my dad used to do the same thing, and it just kind of seeped into my brain. I'm trying the same approach, as it worked on me!

Hepcat, "Relation (In Your Bedroom Again)"

Maybe the most effective revivalists of the first-wave sound of the third wave, Hepcat also exude warmth in every song. Truthfully, the line separating these two songs isn't really that thick. Change up the rhythm and it wouldn't take much to blur the line entirely.

clipping., "Taking Off"

So much for warmth! Before clipping. broke through to another amazing level with Splendor & Misery, CLPPNG provided a test ground for their sound, melding avant garde noise beats with Diggs's remarkable flow and lyrics. It's not quite cohesive yet, but it's still packed full of amazing moments.

The Flaming Lips, "Can't Let It Go"

The Flaming Lips have always experimented heavily with the nature of how music is presented. One of their experiments was a 24-hour song, which was shipped in physical form on a thumb drive sold inside a skull. They later released a distillation of that song down into a single album-length thing, which this is the closer to. Like all late Flaming Lips, it's all competently done, but a little diffuse. It kind of just slips through my brain.

Eddie Holland, "Leaving Here"

And we're back around to the soul, visiting 1963 to finish things up today.

Joshua Buergel
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