Five Songs, 1/14/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/14/2022

Atmosphere, "Lovelife"

A thing that strikes me about listening to early Atmosphere (this is from their second album, 2002's God Loves Ugly) is how young Slug sounds on these tracks. He still sounds like the same person later, but there's less weariness in his tone here as opposed to his latest work.

Mastodon, "A Commotion"

Medium Rarities is a compilation that Mastodon put out in 2020 to gather all the miscellany from their career. This track is a good example: it's from a split with Feist where they each covered each others' songs. Mastodon are a strong enough band that a comp of their random crap is still worth listening to.

The Dillinger Escape Plan, "Dissociation"

The Dillinger Escape Plan decided to go out on their own terms. They made their final album (2016's Dissociation) with the plan that they would tour for the album and then end the band. That kind of planned ending gave them the chance to wrap things up how they chose, and they kind of made a record that sort of incorporated everything they'd done before. There are bits that remind me of all their previous records. It's not an easy record to categorize, because they were capable of so many different styles, and they rolled a lot of them out.

Negativland, "Announcement"

I swear, I'm not doing this on purpose. Well, what do we get today?

Ex Hex, "Tough Enough"

You know, this easily could have broken on radio if it had come out in the 80s! Not our most ridiculous "Announcement" follow-up!

Run the Jewels, "Call Ticketron"

I love the sort of minimalist approach El-P took to this beat. There's a ton of space in it, which allows you to hear those cool "woo"s and manipulated snaps. It's just really tasty.

Joshua Buergel
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