Five Songs, 1/16/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/16/2020

Nots, "Cold Line"

Another surprise record! Feels like we've had a lot of those recently. I wonder what the actual count of surprise records is in the ol' collection. I'm not sure I want to know.

The Dillinger Escape Plan, "The Running Board"

I know what this is!

The parts of songs where the Dillinger Escape Plan drops into something like the post-hardcore in the middle of this song were always effective. It can be easy for that kind of thing to just sound like a lame gimmick, but they always pull it off with aplomb.

The Supremes, "Mother Dear"

Where else can you go from mathcore to Motown? NOWHERE

Sure, it's not a good idea, but dammit, it's our idea!

Monkeywrench, "From You"

If you're listening to this and thinking to yourself, geez, that sounds like Mudhoney, congrats! That is, indeed, Mark Arm singing. But he's not on guitar. But Steve Turner of Mudhoney is also here! He is also not on guitar, though.

The Monkeywrench were a side project/supergroup featuring Arm (piano, harmonica, vocals) and Turner (bass), alongside Tim Kerr (Big Boys) on guitar, Tom Price (U-Men) on guitar, and Martin Bland (Lubricated Goat) on drums. Yes, we might hear from all of those bands at some point. Anyway, Arm's singing is so distinctive, and the band is still writing scuzzy blues-rock songs, so it really kinda sounds like Mudhoney from the same period, but that's all OK with me.

Public Enemy, "Megablast"

Flavor Flav tracks were always the weakest parts of Public Enemy records, and this track (from the very first PE album) is really no exception. It's all very impressively primitive.

Joshua Buergel
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