Five Songs, 1/18/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/18/2020

The Aquabats, "SHOWTIME!"

When the Aquabats got rolling, they always had this kind of corny, cracked Saturday morning cartoon vibe. Like they were making songs for a show-within-a-show on some arch adult animation cartoon. And, of course, given the world we're in, the show eventually showed up. Now, I haven't actually seen the show, but I have the soundtrack, and...well, just listen to this. This is Very Aquabats.

clipping., "Back Up"

I'm kind of sitting here thinking about how great it would be to hear somebody rhyming over Kollaps-era Neubauten.

NoMeansNo, "So Low"

Whenever I question the value of this project (which is often!), I remember that if I just relied on Spotify for my tunes, I wouldn't have any old NoMeansNo to listen to. No Wrong! No 0+2=1! No Worldhood of the World As Such! None of that great stuff! So, I'll keep plugging away, there's lots of great stuff that isn't on Spotify or other streaming services that doesn't deserve to be lost.

Uh, this song is on there, though.

Lard, "Mangoat"

When the first Lard record was announced, I legitimately thought somebody was reading my mind. Jello Biafra fronting Ministry, more or less? Hell yes! Sign me up! And, outside of a couple tracks that dragged, it lived up to the promise. I loved the first Lard record wholeheartedly and unreservedly. I can still do most of the vocals for it, cold.

By the time Lard got around to putting out their second record, Pure Chewing Satisfaction, in 1997, my musical tastes had changed quite a bit. It's of comparably quality to the first, but it just didn't quite stick with me. I'm enjoying this right at the moment, though!

Converge, "Black Cloud"

You know, this fits in pretty damn well with Lard. I hadn't really thought of Lard as kind of a precursor to the kind of metallic hardcore that bands like Converge would start playing, but it's totally in the same line.

Joshua Buergel
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