Five Songs, 1/19/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/19/2020

Lily Allen, "Not Big"

Huh, there are two Lily Allen albums that I've never heard. I should fix that.

Kanye West, "Slow Jamz"

Always really enjoyed the chorus on this song.

I guess I'm full of insight today!

Ugly Duckling, "Einstein Buys a Monkey"

The guitar loop immediately makes this recognizable as an Ugly Duckling song. I'm not sure I really needed a 6:24 DJ track from them, though.

Napalm Death, "M.A.D."

OK, now I'm really not going to say much. Wouldn't be right with this.

Marvin Gaye, "Mr. Sandman"

In nine years, he'd go from this to What's Going On.

We did it, y'all! The most mailed in Five Songs yet!

Joshua Buergel
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