Five Songs, 1/21/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/21/2021

Miles Davis, "Pharaoh's Dance"

Bitches Brew didn't create the category of jazz fusion, but basically everything in the genre after it builds on it.

Uh, or so I'm told.

The Men, "Dreamer"

Brooklyn quartet The Men returned to their earlier sound and approach with Devil Music, producing a ripping set of ten songs that clocks in at a little over a half hour. We're softies around here for this kind of garage punk, so of course this is a delight.

Encore, "The Bio"

Encore tore it up on "Waterworld" on the great Handsome Boy Modeling School album, so I looked forward to his debut album a little while later, and it did not disappoint. He's an authoritative voice, in the tradition of Big Daddy Kane or Rakim, and he sounds fantastic all over Self-Preservation.

Rocket From The Crypt, "Velvet Touch"

The first Rocket From The Crypt record, 1991's Paint As A Fragrance, wasn't quite totally dialed in yet. There are plenty of good tunes on it, but the band was still feeling its way towards what parts of rock and punk it was going to use and what it was going to strip out. The following record is the one where they hit their stride.

The Dambuilders, "Candy Guts"

The Dambuilders, an indie rock band out of Boston, were distinguished by adding an electric violin to the lineup. And it works great! Add in some vocal harmonies, and they were not just excellent but a delightful change of pace from much of the scene at that time. This comes from their 1994 EP Tough Guy Problems, which rips.

Joshua Buergel
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