Five Songs, 1/22/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/22/2022

Circus Lupus, "Pop Man"

Post hardcore band Circus Lupus put out two albums in the early nineties, and I probably don't have to mention that this is a Discord album. The most obvious feature is Chris Thomson's rambling, half-shouted/half-sung lyrics, but looking past him, Arika Casebolt on the drums is the real highlight. Of the two albums, my favorite is this one, Solid Brass.

The Austerity Program, "Song 17B"

I'll say, it's a very good bit to have all the tracks on your album named either "Song N" or "Untitled".

Teengenerate, "Fake Fake Fake"

No, I have to disagree: this is the real shit, Teengenerate.

Today Is The Day, "Silver Tongue"

Today Is The Day is probably most famous these days for being a band that Bill Kelliher and Brann Dailor were in prior to being in Mastodon. But they weren't the driving force behind the band, which is really Steven Austin (not that one), the only consistent member of the band. This is the first TitD record, Supernova, which totally fits in with Amphetamine Reptile Records but is also weirder than most of their stuff. Recommended if you'd like a bit of a skewed take on noise rock.

The True Loves, "First Impression"

I love, love, love that horn figure in the beginning of this song. It somehow totally defies my expectations of where I think it should go. I don't really have the music theory vocabulary to say why, just that it kinda tickles my brain.

Good shit today!

Joshua Buergel
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