Five Songs, 1/23/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/23/2022

Your Old Droog, "Gyros"

That punishing, thick blanket of bass, backed up by the little clicky drums, is such a tasty combination. I just want to roll around in this beat, or spread it on my sandwich.

Mr. Lif, "Status"

If you listen to the story on the album, this is supposed to be a cheap beat that Mr. Lif could afford, but Insight absolutely kills it. It's so funky! Shuffle is ON it today.

Jesus Jones, "Never Enough"

Before "Right Here, Right Now" blew up as a big hit, Jesus Jones had a previous album where they sounded...well, pretty much the same. You can't really accuse them of changing their sound to become huge, that's for sure. It's a little rawer of an album, but it's otherwise more of the same stuff. It's fine, I suppose.

The Beautiful South, "Foundations"

The fifth Beautiful South album, Blue is the Color, continues in the same basic direction that they always headed. The songs and production keep getting more polished, while the sweetness of the delivery continues to conceal the darkness in the lyrics. After a couple albums that I thought were only OK, the formula was clicking pretty well on this record, it's maybe my favorite after the brilliant debut.

Boris, "D.O.W.N. -Domination of Waiting Noise-"

Goodness gracious. The crushing opener to 2017's Dear, this is a hell of a slab, a vintage chunk of formless but not aimless noise to kick off an oustanding album.

Joshua Buergel
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