Five Songs, 1/24/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/24/2020

The Range, "1804"

The Range makes electonic pop, mostly, but the interesting bit is that the vocals are sampled off tracks from YouTube. It gives the entire album a little bit of a strange feel, but one that is welcome to offset all the shiny, shimmering music.

Ruder Than You, "Skahall Connection"

So, yeah, this is from an album called Horny for Ska. The management would like to apologize.

Clinic, "Welcome"

A cut from Clinic's second album, it retains the same chilly, distant tone that the first record had, while kind of cleaning things up a little bit. It's still a strange, off-kilter record. Especially the use of those vintage keyboards, which always lends an otherworldly feel to their songs.

G. Love & Special Sauce, "Walk To Slide"

As always, the attraction here is that rhythm section. The upright bass, and the loose, funky drums are killer. It sort of doesn't matter what else is going on with the song, it's going to be fun to listen to.

Don Caballero, "Lucky Father Brown"

This is a track from Singles Breaking Up, which is, yes, a singles collection. It gathers together a bunch of their early singles, when they were mostly just getting established. It thus mostly sounds like their first record more than anything, without some of the more overt experimentation of their later records. It is, of course, very good.

Joshua Buergel
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