Five Songs, 1/25/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/25/2021

The Solids, "Over The Sirens"

Guess how many people are in this band? Correct, two! That places them square in one of the major interests of Five Songs: Loud Rock Duos. They're not as outre as someone like Lightning Bolt, they're more towards the Big Business end of things. Only the one record from them, though.

Pavement, "Two States"

You ever wonder how often you've listened to albums you love? Slanted & Enchanted was released in April of 1992, and I bought it the day it came out. I think I probably listened to it a couple times a week for the first year or so, and then maybe once a week on average for the rest of my time in college, and then maybe every other week for the next decade. And then down to maybe...once a month? For the next fifteen years? Let's add that up - have I listened to this album 400 times? Jesus.

Johnny Daye, "Stay Baby Stay"

This is one of the first songs released after the end of the Atlantic era, from 1968. It's a lovely little ballad.

Anderson .Paak, "Make It Better"

There's just no way to describe this other than as an Al Green song. And yes, that's even acknowledging that a different soul legend (Smokey Robinson) is guesting on the track. But the drums and strings are right out of Green's playbook.

Chemical People, "Funk-K"

The Chemical People were a punk band from Southern California who cranked out a bunch of largely forgettable records on Cruz Records, which was ALL's label. We've had Soundtracks on here before, but the idea behind it was that they wanted to make an album that could serve as background music for porn. Some of these tracks? Not very porn-y!

Joshua Buergel
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