Five Songs, 1/26/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/26/2021

Monorchid, "A Was For Anarchy"

Monorchid features two alumni from post-hardcore band Circus Lupus, which will be immediately obvious to anybody who listened to Circus Lupus. This comes from their second album, Who Put Out The Fire?, and it's a solid chunk of DC post-hardcore. Post-harDCore? If I were to rank this against the Circus Lupus records, I'd probably put it behind Solid Brass and ahead of Super Genius.

Jan Jelinek, "Universal Band Silhouette"

Boy, some songs today that would have been really fast picks for me on "Name That Tune". The glitchy warmth on the first part of this track is instantly recognizable as Jelinek, in the same way that Chris Thomson's yelp is instantly recognizable.

Medeski, Martin and Wood, "Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho"

Groovy! I wish I could say more, but, you know. [Gestures at "Josh Is Not Qualified To Talk About Jazz" sign.]

Waxahatchee, "La Loose"


Killdozer, "Pour Man"


(OK, I'll stop here to say that Killdozer also fits with the other theme of today, which is that Michael Gerald is also incredibly recognizable.)

Joshua Buergel
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