Five Songs, 1/27/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/27/2021

Gnarls Barkley, "Gone Daddy Gone"

It takes a lot of guts to cover anything from the sui generis Violent Femmes. It's such a beloved album, and such an iconic set of performances, that you're very much always going to be compared against perfection. I think the only way to go would be to really re-imagine the songs, but Gnarls Barkley doesn't do that. So, uh, I'd rather just be listening to the Violet Femmes.

Arsonists, "Intro"

I'm starting to think that the Plex randomization isn't quite totally balanced. It seems like I'm constantly mentioning that a song is the lead-in to an album. I supposed that if you look at the cardinality of songs, #1 is going to be the most common simply because every album, EP, and single has a first track. I might be an idiot!

Vampire Weekend, "2021"

Vampire Weekend became unambiguously Ezra Koenig's band with Father of the Bride, with Rostam Batmanglij's departure. I think the lack of diversity in perspectives hurts the album just a little bit. It's good, Koenig's songwriting is still nice, but there's just a little bit missing.

Spitboy, "In Tradition"

Spitboy was an all-female punk band out of San Francisco who put out one album and a few singles before breaking up. Unlike most of the punk coming out of the Bay Area in the early 90s, there's no pop going on here, it's just pure aggression. Good stuff, though!

Chemical People, "Seventy Six"

We just had a cut from Soundtracks! Go read that from the tags! This blog is over!

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