Five Songs, 1/28/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/28/2021

Robustos, "My Little Suede Shoes"

The bands that got famous in the third wave of ska were those that took the second wave and went further towards punk. No Doubt, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, folks like Goldfinger, Save Ferris, a bunch of others, they all leaned heavily on rock to make the sound more appealing to a broader audience. But that left out a bunch of other bands who drew more on the first wave and the original sounds, and who didn't get the attention. Those are the bands that I mostly continue listening to these days. The Robustos are one of those forgotten bands, who played just straight ska, without mixing stuff in, and this album (Introducing...The Robustos) is a good listen.

Waxahatchee, "Under A Rock"

This is a great example of Waxahatchee at their best. Katie Crutchfield is really belting this out, and it's in service to an excellent catchy song.

Gridlink, "Stay Without Me"

We don't do a lot of grindcore around here. I think that a lot of grind can kind of pave out any differences between songs, ending up in kind of an undifferentiated mush of aggression. Some of that would straighten out if I listened to a lot of grindcore, I suspect. At any rate, Gridlink is one of the few, suggested by a friend who is big into grindcore, and it's good to have at least a little around when I need the top of my head blown off.


No, this isn't grind core, dammit! This is tech death metal, totally different!

Mr. T Experience, "Psycho Girl"

Punk rock! Woooooo!

Joshua Buergel
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