Five Songs, 1/29/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/29/2019

Here we are!

The Wedding Present, "I'm From Further North Than You"

One of the best songs from Take Fountain, the "comeback" album from the Wedding Present that was really them just renaming themselves. Gedge always sounds great in this kind of conversational/confession mode, and the extended outro is nice. This song could easily have been on Watusi, which is a high compliment.

The Microphones, "The Moon"

Well, this song certainly takes its time getting going, doesn't it? And then it sounds like a couple different songs playing at the same time. Honestly, the wall of sound here is sort of the musical equivalent of mumbling really loud. But, I still kind of like it.

Beige, "18 Inch Black"

Among the genres of music that we talk about here that I'm qualified to have an opinion about, I probably have the least to say about electronic music. I don't have a good handle on the different sub-genres, despite listening to a lot of it. I don't have a great vocabulary when it comes to discussing it. I'm not sure I could even really describe the gear accurately. "What qualifies you to talk about it," I can hear you saying. To which I can only answer, hey, fuck off, this entry is over!

Flying Lotus, "Siren Song"


OK, fine, shuffle. We'll just sit here and stare at each other and pretend I have something insightful to say. That's no problem, I don't mind at all. I'm sure I'll look super smart and knowledgable.

Sonic Youth, "Youth Against Fascism"

Goddamn, that guitar line is fantastic. It's like a tiny little yappy dog, running circles around Kim Gordon's bass line, losing its goddamn mind. This kind of bent song is what you get when Sonic Youth is trying to make a normal rock song, I think.

Joshua Buergel
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