Five Songs, 1/30/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/30/2019

All over the map today!

Wu-Tang Clan, "Maria"

There were more of this sort of filthy song on Wu-Tang Forever than there were on their debut album. And, honestly, this song falls a little flat. It seems to think it can skate by on the explicit lyrics, but everybody's rhymes here are really kind of by-the-books. Wu-Tang is always at its best when you have some contrast in styles. What's the point of having this many MCs otherwise!

Poor Old Horse, "Claudy Banks"

There are some albums in the collection that are folk records, made largely by folks who are family friends, by virtue of the involvement of Megan's parents in a community of folk artists. I don't know much about this stuff, honestly, but there's never anything wrong with well-done unaccompanied vocals.

Einstürzende Neubauten, "Lament: 2. Abwärtsspirale"

Lament is a piece that Neubauten wrote to be played live, on gigantic instruments and using huge noise generators. It's a meditation on World War I, and the notion that that war never ended, and everything since then has just been a continuation of that conflict. It's heavy stuff, obviously, and brilliantly executed. They did release a studio recording of it, as a way for those of us who never had the chance to see it properly to experience it. But they insist that it's not a "real" album. Whatever.

(NB: the linked video is of a live version of this song, rather than the live-in-studio one I got)

Clinic, "DJ Shangri-La"

Clinic is one of the chilliest rock bands around. Their distant approach, sometimes droning rhythms, and especially the keyboard sounds they use evoke a very remote feeling. Almost clinical. Wait, hang on! (slaps forehead)

This is kind of a throwaway track, though.

Pavement, "Date With IKEA"

I know IKEA has this reputation of being a relationship breaker, and how couples can never agree on anything and end up murdering each other with crappy kitchen knives. But, I've always had a good time there! You get to sit on lots of doofy chairs! You can admire how they cram 532 different products into a three hundred square foot "apartment". You get to make fun of their Swedish Chef-ass names!

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