Five Songs, 1/3/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/3/2022

ZGTO, "Remedy"

I don't remember getting this, but I did pick it up on Bandcamp. It's apparently a collaboration between electronic musician Shigeto and a rapper named ZelooperZ, neither of whom I'm familiar with. Probably bought this from a year-end roundup and didn't give it a proper listen. Pretty good, though!

Hockey Night, "Greet the Dawn"

I long ago ran out of ways to say "this band sounds like Pavement" in a clever way, so: this band sounds a shitload like Pavement. Diet Pavement.

Perturbator, "Excess"

Nice to hear somebody picking up the mantle of industrial dance music! Perturbator's 2021 record is a continuation of what he's done in the past, meaning there's this delightful combination of nostalgic throwback sounds and fresh-sounding compositions.

Revenge, "Slave (club mix)"

Revenge is a short-lived project from Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order, Peter Hook and the Light), putting out one album and a handful of singles. It's not a very good album, honestly, a sort of desultory gesture towards the popular dance music at the time without any real passion behind it. So, of course, I picked up a couple singles. Look, there were hot ladies on them, which is sometimes all you need to get a 15yo's attention.

Ramones, "Havana Affair"

Commenting on the Ramones is pointless. You know what they sound like! They're a force of nature. Writing about this would be like me reviewing wind.

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