Five Songs, 1/2/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/2/2022

Goblin Cock, "Something Haunted"

I'm sorry, nothing I'm going to say is going to change anybody's mind here. Either you were 100% in when you heard the name "Goblin Cock" or you were not.

Helmet, "Pure"

As Helmet moved further away from their Amphetamine Reptile days, their sound just progressively got cleaner and cleaner. I mean, it's still distorted guitars and all, but it was all kind of clockwork stuff eventually. Whether it was triangulation to try and capture a bigger audience or not, I think it didn't serve them too well. This song is a pretty good example, this would have been much noisier in earlier days, with maybe a big squalling guitar solo or some wild screeching or something. Instead, there's just kind of a few yells from Page Hamilton, and that's more or less it. I can't exactly call it tame, not really, but it's...domesticated?

Kraftwerk, "Franz Schubert"


Helium, "XXX"

Helium didn't last long, just two albums and a few EPs, but it's all great stuff. This is from their first EP, Pirate Prude, and it was a real revelation at the time it came out. Mary Timony's vocals really of course helped the band stand out, but it wasn't just that, her guitar work was also consistently surprising. A great record.

Cloud Nothings, "Revisiting Old Worlds"

I originally read this song as "Revisiting Old Wounds", which would be a very different song.

Joshua Buergel
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