Five Songs, 1/30/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/30/2022

Foetus, "Ramrod"

This track was originally the A-side of a single, and it was later pulled onto the compilation Sink. It's a fantastic example of the mid to late 80s stuff that Foetus was up to, this kind of noir-inflected, orchestrated industrial noise stuff. There's something familiar about this song, with gestures towards obsolete but recognizable types of music. But it's all arranged in disquieting ways, like a musical Frankenstein's monster, all bolts and dead flesh arranged in a groteque parody of life.

American Music Club, "Johnny Mathis' Feet"

Sometimes, when a song is written about a specific person like this, or anyway references an actual person, it doesn't always set quite right with me. I don't know. Anyway, this is a big song, and certainly nice enough to listen to.

Clipse, "When the Last Time"

The little blurt of noise at the end of each bar and in the chorus, goddamn, that's so good. Such a pleasure to listen to the Neptunes at the top of their form.

Doughboys, "Stranger From Within"

Hey, been a minute since we've had some good ol' Canadian melodic punk! I'm not entirely sure how I ended up listening to them, but given how Californian this sounds and how into the Descendents and related bands I was, it's not a surprise. This is pretty good, though. I haven't listened to it in ages.

Barrett Strong, "Money (That's What I Want)"

Tremendous song, which has been in plenty of movies and TV shows, but it's a banger so I'm happy to have it show up here.

Joshua Buergel
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